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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 1, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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babe: what is he doing?! flames ripped through a north bay community destroys one home and damaging several others: tonight people there are picking up the pieces. good evening i'm ken pritchett in for frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. the holiday brought a disrupt time for people but others say it could have been worse. we go live to amber lee where she spoke to homeowners and firefighters about what happened, amber. >> reporter: julie, firefighters tell me that homeowners clearing dry vegetation such as this around their property was key.
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and tonight homeowners are breathing a long sigh of relief thanking firefighters for saving their homes. >> we were at the beach and all of a sudden we started seeing flames in the air. >> reporter: homeowners were soaking up the sun at the beach. >> it seemed like the whole house was up in flames instantly. >> reporter: doesens of residents were evacuated including a woman in her 80s. the home she and her son were lived in was the only one destroyed by the fire. the son in his 50s suffered nonlife threatening burns and was taken to the hospital. >> it's surreal. i mean, you know we prepare for this all year round. we're in a fire zone and we prepare for this. but you know you never know how it's going to affect you until it happens. >> reporter: soon miller- mccassey say she's helpful
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firefighters were able to save her home and many others. the fire came steps to her home. >> you can see the fire right here. the property line. >> reporter: homeowners who had defensible space was a key. it caused minor damage to two homes. miller-mccassey's suvs was burn in the back but not among the four vehicles destroyed. but what mattered most is her two dogs were rescued. >> guy, guys. >> reporter: the lack of wind really helped but hours after the fire responded embers burning in the tree near homes. crews say it's too early to say what caused the fire but it may have started in the home that was destroyed says miller- mccassey. amber lee, ktvu news. further north firefighters
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are working to contain two wildfires that are threatening hundreds of homes. the fires have burned nearly 6,500 acres near happy camp. almost 700 homes are still threatened tonight including 250 homes that are under mandatory evacuation orders. it's extremely important that people in those areas follow the evacuation orders. >> so steep and so rugged it's just not safe to put crews in there. we can put crews in there and they can work. but if something goes wrong, it's very difficult to get the injured person out. >> the napa county fire department e-mailed ktvu about a smoke advisory that stretches into the area. it says smoke from those fires is spreading over napa and sonoma county. the fires are only 15% contained tonight. happening now the first cars are traveling on the newly updated stretch of interstate 280. caltrans reopened the interstate ahead of schedule
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after completing seismic repairs. the north side lanes had been closed since thursday. ktvu's jana katsuyama is live in san francisco with the latest on the project. ken, just an hour ago we were up there on the highway with caltrans crews and let me tell you they work fast. we were here when the chp reopened this ramp and they actually got it open 7-1/2 hours ahead of the deadline. labor day was no picnic. off the deck of 280. empty of cars full of crews sweating under the sun. >> this is something the department has been planning for a long time in order to keep the highway safe. >> reporter: that will allow the bridge to absorb movement from a quake.
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>> they've been here since 1966 when they built this structure and they just were showing signs of wear and tear. >> reporter: caltrans crews had been worked around the clock since thursday facing twice as much work with two hinges instead of just one each on the memorial day closure. the shut down closed ramps and caused closures for the junction and downtown san francisco. a holiday hassle for some. >> a memory that is closed when you're coming up the highway because you have to detour yourself around that. >> at muni they gave us rout sheets and ways to get around the detours. >> reporter: van walters is from ráed bluff past redding -- red bluff. ready now to get home after a long day. >> reporter: the entire project costs $4 million for the four
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hinges replaced since memorial day. they say these should last for another 60 years or longer. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. across the bay area people are heading home from their labor day get aways. here's a live look now with interstate 80 in berkeley on your left and highway 4 in contra costa county on your right. aaa projects more than 34 million people nationwide traveled more than 50 miles from home in holiday weekend. early numbers show a rise in deadly incidents in the area compared to last year. last year there were no deaths. this year there's been three people killed in suspected drunk driving accidents. officer matt nelson says he's noticing more people on the roads who may have been drinking. >> there's more people on the
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road that are just traveling to and from parties and hanging out with friends. >> officials say the final dui arrest numbers may be even higher when the chp tallies them up tomorrow. and as authorities work tonight to prevent dui crashes, we're hearing from a victim here in the bay area. at 10:15, his story of survival and how he learn of the dangers of drunk driving first hand. muni is getting ready to report a fair increase that started today. it's the first time fairs have gone up in five years. adult cash fares are now $2.25. that's up a quarter. muni monthly passes are up to $68 and monthly passes that include both b.a.r.t. and muni are now $80. there's word tonight caltrans plans to spend
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millions of dollars to relocate birds that call bay bridge demolition efforts are behind schedule and according to the chronicle, caltrans plans to spend $13 million to get it back on track to avoid bothering the birds during nesting season. now to the latest on the domestic violence charge against a san francisco 49ers star. we may know tomorrow whether defensive lineman ray mcdonald will be on the field for the season opener this sunday. ktvu's azenith smith reports this all comes just days after the nfl enacted new penalties for players convicted of domestic violence. >> her fiance was sitting her. they're at this address. they were trying to leave the house, she's 10 weeks pregnant.
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she's refusing medical. >> reporter: the 29-year-old allegedly abused his pregnant fiance. neighbors won't talk and neither will his team only to say it's aware of the incident. mcdonald himself was quiet when ktvu questioned him after his release from jail. >> you will be going to texas? >> i don't know. probably. it's a crazy situation. >> reporter: the nfl response drew outrage prompting commissioner goodell to increase penalties. that's the shocking part of it. is this person knew and he had to know of the policy. and still he did what he did or allegedly did what he did. that's dangerous. >> reporter: the san jose based
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nonprofit domestic violence solutions is run by kathleen krenek says that athletes may feel they're not going to be held accountable. >> my hunch is that even though it's a felony which is serious they're going to plead it down to a misdemeanor. it's going to be quiet. >> reporter: the 49ers will have a run through to go over plays for sunday's game against the dallas cowboys. it's unclear if any of them will talk about mcdonal's arrest. in santa clara, azenith smith, ktvu channel 2 news. on we have more on ray mcdonald's arrest plus the nfl's new policy on domestic violence. you can find it all under hot topics. new at 10:00, we're getting our first look at a series of plaques in the castro to honor the lgbt community. christine jorgenson one of the first in the world to publicly
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change gender. the plaque will remind future generations of the courage that jorgenson displayed. >> when people look at the faces of these people, they were openly gay and proud. and this community, the castro was a part of that important history. >> reporter: a dedication ceremony for 20 plaques will take place tomorrow. the plaques will be installed on locations from castro street near harvey milk plaza to comingwood and 19th street. a massive hack attack exposing nude photos of popular celebrityings. the technology that may be to blame and you can probably find it on your own home. >> a woman hit by a car and left to die. >> i really hope they catch him and do exactly to him what he did to her. >> the message the victim's family is trying to send following the deadly hit-and- run crash. >> but first a helping hand for
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victims of the napa quake. the new resource just opened today to help those struggling to get back on their feet.
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a big rig went up in flames near martinez this afternoon. big rig was carrying several new cars when it caught fire. the fire quickly jumped to other cars on board causing major damage. it happened at about 12:15 near
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the south pacheco off ramp. it took about three hours for crews to clear the wreckage and reopen the interstate. police are investigating a series of car burglaries in petaluma they happened overnight in the neighborhood near the airport. police say at least five cars were broken into and there were no signs of forced entry. we're told four of the cars may have been left unlocked and the other had the windows rolled down. petaluma police say drivers should not leave their valuables in their vehicles and always leave the doors locked. we're hearing from a man who found one -- the hard way. in a head on crash. amber lee -- debora villalon has the story. >> reporter: it was here on willow pass road on highway 4 where it leads into concord.
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on the very same bridge where a mom and baby died in a dui crash just two months ago. >> there was no time for me to make any kind of decision. >> reporter: headed home from getting groceries and gas. >> i didn't have time to hit my brakes, it was just impact. >> reporter: no shoulder, nowhere to go. >> brace, there was nothing i could do to avoid him hitting me. >> reporter: claiborne's arm is in a ring, he's sore and may need a few x-rays but he's not complaining. >> i realized how lucky i am. >> reporter: he never thought he would see someone pass over the double yellow line speeding 65 in a 45-mile-per-hour zone. concord police say that 22-year- old driver was drunk. and had to be cut from behind the wheel of his honda.
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his legs crushed. >> compound fracture on his right leg and his left leg looked like hamburger. >> reporter: a head on crash in june killed a concord mother and daughter. that driver was also dui. he now faces murder charges. crater believes sobriety checkpoints don't make a difference. too easy avoided by drunk drivers. >> seems to be a waste of time in my opinion. >> reporter: but he would like to see this road widened and lighted. he credits his mercedes suv for saving his life and he's not mad at the young man who almost killed him. >> i generally feel bad for him. he made a mist take he's going to pay for for the rest of his
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life. he's probably never going to walk the same again. >> concord police tell me the bridge doesn't have an unusual accident rate. but the dui driver that night, he admitted to drinking a 40- ounce beer before driving. he had another beer open in his car and he was already on probation for two previous duis. reporting live in concord, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. the search is on for a swimmer who went missing this afternoon. the coast guard and marin county agencies are assisting in the search. officials say a family walked from drake's beach to drake's hostero and swimmed. we're told where the crews are searching is a stretch less than one mile. dozens of people showed up today as a new red cross assistance center opened in napa. the goal to provide longer term help for those affected by the earthquake more than a week ago. the red cross says it will have
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caseworkers on that site for the next two weeks to offer one on one assistance to people from napa and solano counties. >> reporter: raquel moffet left her damaged apartment for this red cross assistance center. >> i wanted to know if they might be able to help for some groceries. >> reporter: and a bed for her daughter. she returned to her apartment in frustration. then a couple of blocks away, robert tyler's apartment is in this old victorian. it is red tagged and he says he's out of luck. >> they said they might have a first month's rent or and slash deposit for rent. so i think i found maybe a place to rent. >> reporter: tyler said a red cross caseworker took his phone
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number but gave no time frame on when they would call. he's now sleeping on a friend's floor. >> we don't have no place else to go. they just come see and they will see. >> we're transitioning into what's the long term recovery. some of the damage is going to last for quite some time. >> reporter: red cross officials say they will keep the center open at the mariott in solano every day for the next two weeks. john fowler, ktvu news. the last school under repair in napa following the earthquake is set to open tomorrow. the stone bridge school will be open for a limited time. all of napa's other 30 schools reopened last week. most were closed for two days for clean up, repairs and inspections. a minor earthquake shook up the south bay today. the 3.5 quake struck at 9:10
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this morning. it was centered east southeast of gilroy close to the calav era s fault. several reporters said they felt the shaking but there were no damages or injuries reported. on the heels of a very warm holiday weekend. a notable drop in temperatures coming to the bay area for your tuesday. more on that in just a moment. let's take a look at some of the current conditions 59 degrees half-moon bay. a lot of 60s around the bay. mountain view checking in at 70 degrees as well as san jose. you go inland and definitely one of the perks about being so hot this afternoon. is we've got a nice evening in antioch. 81-degree still. 76 in livermore. 76 in walnut creek. some of these areas nearly hit 100 degrees this afternoon. livermore checked in at 99 for the second part of the day. we have the ridge of high pressure that continues over the bay area but it's continuing to weaken here and it's due to a trough that is going to be moving south of the
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gulf of alaska. as it does it's going to bring me that cooler air. today the hottest day. we get into tomorrow. again, that beginning to be the influence that trough that's going to move into place and sort of hang out here for the next few days. the biggest drop will come on tuesday. all in all i think the most notable will be for tomorrow any where from five to 10 degrees below what we had this afternoon. tomorrow morning we get going with coastal fog along the coast and across into the east bay. 60degrees in hayward for the morning. 60 in oakland. 58 san rafael. 60s expected in livermore and antioch. into the afternoon, 66 pacifica. low to mid-70s along the shoreline. and for our inland communities upper 80s instead of upper 90s. coming up we'll have the extended forbe cast and i'll -- forecast and i'll show you how long this pattern is going to last. following an attack a drone camera captured shark lined
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shadows around swimmers and surfers. yesterday a shark bit a 13-year- old girl in the calf while she was body surfing in chest deep water. based on the bite, she was bitten by a --
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hundreds of muni supporters marched this labor day for the hyatt. the hotel recently changed hands with no change for workers who have been
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struggling for years to unionize. housekeepers in particular have to clean as many as 30 rooms a day almost twice the usual number. >> the housekeeping workloads can be heavy workloads. >> reporter: demonstrators blocked the garage where some guests were waiting to exit for about 20 minutes. our calls to the hyatt corporate office were unreturned. president obama continued to push for a raise to the minimum wage. >> i want an economy where it pays off with fair pay for women and workplace flexibility for parents. and affordable health insurance and decent retirement benefits. i'm not asking for the moon. i just want a good deal for american workers. >> the president spoke at a
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labor day in milwaukee. and in his speech the president credited the labor movement for establishing the 40 hour workweek. today unions said the fight has shifted and they're working for more security in an economy that is constantly changing. ktvu's tom vacar reports. >> reporter: the traditional east bay labor day picnic was held inside the air station where the mood was definitely upbeat. >> labor is beginning to really stand up and we're getting into the supporting each other a lot. >> reporter: union members say the fight is no longer over keeping jobs by giving concessions but workers getting their fair share. >> yes, i think so. i think we will have more say in the future. i think things will continue to get better. >> reporter: it's also about stopping the shrinkage of the middle class and other wise. >> if we can go back to having the middle class a strong part of our community in our nation. that's when our nation thrives. while the picnic goes on in
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the park. here on park street just one side of one block, one in four businesses looking for help. >> across the board we're seeing job gains. >> labor warrior and michael burnick says we regained all the jobs lost in the recession. >> we've seen very strong job gain, payroll job gain. we've also seen job gains spread amongst sectors. >> reporter: now a new normal there are fewer union jobs, fewer full time jobs, four times as many unemployed before recession, fewer benefits and far fewer pensions. >> there's a much greater growth in terms of part time work, project based work, contingent work, independent contracting, very difficult from the full time work with benefits that we saw in earlier decades. >> reporter: the biggest problem, fewer start ups and entrepreneurial efforts. >> of all the concerns on labor day 2014 in many ways that's the most disturbing.
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that's what drives our economy. >> reporter: an improving situation for sure, but still on the edge. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. private pictures of celebrities exposed by hackers. >> and now the fbi is involved. what we're learning about the massive photo leak, reaction from some celebrities and how every smart phone user can protect their own sensitive data. >> not the typical sounds in a park on a sunny day. but it's more than beautiful music, this is an experiment. you can watch all of our newscasts live on your mobile device.
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outrageous, flagrant, creepy, some of the reactions from stars who's nude photos were taken from the cloud and put on the internet. it may be the largest hacker attack. >> the fbi is investigating how private nude photos were stolen and posted online. maureen naylor is live with changes that affect all users because of this latest hack, maureen. >> tonight a tech expert tells us that apple has already changed security to its i cloud service after the massive celebrity photo hack was revealed. >> reporter: they are no stranger to the cameras but it is private photos of academy award winning actress jennifer lawrence and kate upton that
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has their representatives considering a lawsuit. >> someone went through a brute force attack. which that means they do password after password after password until one working. >> reporter: a known problem with i cloud's informs was fixed yesterday which will lock someone out after five tries. mary elizabeth winstead said knowing those photos were deleted long ago i can only imagine the creepy effort that went into this. feeling for everyone who got hacked. deleting something from your home won't delete it from the cloud service. >> whatever that means you don't know who has access to them and how you know they can
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go about getting access. >> i don't like how most of the phones do it for you automatically. and you have to turn off, especially for my phone. i'm like okay i'm not going to sync everything. >> reporter: users can turn off the automatic cloud sync and setting. use an obscure password and rethink the answers to your security questions. >> you don't have to put your right answers to it. if it asks you what your mother's maiden name is, you can put blue and no one is going to know is that. >> reporter: everything you wish to be kept private should be kept off your phone and off the cloud.
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the county says infected mosquitoes were collected last week in the redwood city area. crews worked from 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night to 5:00 a.m. on wednesday. officials say the fogging will take place in the industrial areas bordered by kentfield avenue in redwood city. then near jefferson drive and highway 101 in menlo park. a ban on plastic bags that's been on the books since march is now being enforced in sonoma county. the county wanted to give retailers some extra time to get ready. the supporters hope the plastic bag ban will encourage people to bring reusable bags. more than 120 california counties and cities have similar laws. there's also a bill on the governor's desk that would set up the first ever statewide ban on plastic bags. san francisco was the first city in the u.s. to ban plastic bags and that will be the first in california to give a tax break for urban farmer. if they grow food for at least five years, owners of vacant lots will be taxed at the same rate for farmlands instead of
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the usual rate. the minimum size for a lot is .1 of an acre. the new ordnance implements a state law so states with larger stakes will be watching california. there's unexpected beauty in the sun and shadows of the park. beauty that's in the eye, and ear of the beholder. >> there's a piano in the park. >> reporter: it's part of the sunset piano art space. visitors at this park. >> it's like odd. >> reporter: are impromptu pianist. >> it's working, wow it's amazing. there's a piano. it's so strange. >> some of the keys are in tune.
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>> reporter: and unwitting social guinea pigs. >> it's kind of soothing everyone though the keys are out of tune. >> there's burgers and hot dogs. >> reporter: can bring people together. >> wouldn't it be nice if someone would play the piano while we're eating. >> ♪ >> reporter: we watched as the old cabinet howard grand piano took the spotlight under a shade tree. erik faustino is used to playing in church. >> this is my first time to play under a tree. >> this is supposed to be part of a social experiment to see how having a piano in a public space makes people feel. we present to you, a crowd of people now gathered around the piano and suddenly nobody playing in the field.
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>> music makes people change their mood. if you're sad music makes you happy. sometimes if you're happy, it makes you feel sad. >> reporter: eating with a sound track. >> reporter: in milpitas. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. pittsburg police tonight are searching for a driver. >> and what was revealed in a surprised -- why one of the men is especially vulnerable.
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♪ members of the bay area ukrainian government gathered to call on the u.s. to help
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their homeland. about two dozen protesters held a rally outside san francisco's city hall. they want the u.s. and europe to provide military and financial aid to ukraine. president obama is expected to address the crisis during a stop in eastern europe wednesday before attending the nato summit in whales. the growing threat from the islamic military group isis is likely to dominate the nato summit. the nighted nations says it will send a team to iraq to investigate claims of abuse by isis fighters. most were civilians. a u.n. official says there's strong evidence of human rights violations. >> this includes targeted killing, forced conversions, abductions, slavery, sexual and physical abuse and torture. >> iraqi security forces are
10:41 pm
making advances against isis. this video shows iraqi fighters retaking control of -- as many as 500 british citizens are believed to be fighting for isis. one bill would stop suspected radicalized citizens from leaving the uk. another bill would allow british police to temporarily seize passports of returning travelers who are suspected of joining terrorist groups. north korea has given journalists the rare opportunity to interview three captured americans who say they are desperate to get out bay was held the longest. today bay pleaded for a special envoy from the u.s. to help win his release. he said his health is failing. >> right now what i can say to
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my family and friends is continue to pray for me and also ask them to continue an effort on gettingmy release here. >> reporter: the cnn crew also interviewed matthew miller of bakers field who is awaiting trial and jeffrey fowell of ohio. the white house says it's doing all it can to win the earliest possible release of all three. a family looking for answers in a hit-and-run crash that left a woman dead. >> i just pray this person is caught. and justice is served. >> up next, the latest on the search for the driver. and it's been a warm holiday weekend. will the trend continue as you head back to work. meteorologist rosemary orosco will have the complete bay area forecast. and a college retires its mascot.
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a san francisco life guard had to fight his way back to shore today after searching for a swimmer on a boogy board who was reported drifting out to sea. the swimmer was apparently rescued by a surfer but the life guard found himself stuck in a rip current near the rocks at lands end and it took him some time and energy to make it to the beach. reports of a second swimmer in trouble brought out the coast guard but officials say that was a false alarm. ktvu spoke with the family of a 50-year-old woman who was struck and killed last night. it happened just before 7:00 p.m. at the intersection of willow pass road and mountain view avenue in pittsburg. cristina rendon has more on the
10:46 pm
person who left the woman left on the street to die. >> she wanted to be a veterinarian so she could help pets and animals. i guess she won't get that chance. >> reporter: brass was hit and killed while pushing a shopping cart sunday night. the driver of a pickup truck drove off without stopping to help. >> the person that does something like this and runs, doesn't deserve to be out in public. >> reporter: brazos mother janet. >> it's a real loss. >> reporter: is trying to grieve but her emotions are high. >> i hope they catch him. and do to him what he did to her. >> reporter: police are looking for a late model truck with a sidestep that likely has damage on it. brazos husband is hoping they don't have to wait long.
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>> i just pray this person is caught and justice is served. >> reporter: the family hopes the driver will turn him or herself in. and if you have any information about this crash please contact police. we have breaking news at this hour of a train accident involving a vehicle. this is a live picture of the scene. it happened on high street between coliseum way and watling street. the crash caused at least one death. that's according to a witness and that is unconfirmed. we have no further details but will update as soon as we know more information. attendance at this year's burning manifest value -- festival was down a bit. nearly 66,000 people came to the nevada desert for the event. that's compared to 61,000 last year. this year's event was marred by
10:48 pm
tragedy when a woman was killed thursday when she was struck and killed by a bus. our warm weather pattern will be giving way to a cooldown. i want to show you the numbers from today because some of us reached well into the upper 90s. 97 in fairfield today. 97 in antioch. livermore the hot spot 99 for today. everyone in the north bay. 96 in santa rosa. 94 in napa. mid-90s in morgan hill. mean while again we have a cooldown coming our way. the ridge of high pressure is going to be pushed aside by a thereof that's dropping from the gulf of alaska. cooler air pulling into the bay area. five to 10 degrees of cooling. per -- per -- perhaps a little more for the inland communities. i think the low clouds will be
10:49 pm
with us as early as tomorrow morning. let me show you here. reforming in the overnight hours as we get going tomorrow morning. right about 6:00. 7:00 or so, hugging the coast. mostly cloudy right along the coast. for the afternoon mostly sunny skies with partly to mostly cloudy conditions remaining at the coast. temperature wise upper 50s to low 60s as we get up tomorrow morning. 59 in fairfield. upper 50s in napa. along the coast with mostly gray skies. 57 expected for pacifica. into the afternoon here is where the big difference will come. 80degrees for napa today. 82 in santa rosa. i just showed you the temperature for santa rosa today was 96. as we get into the east bay. we're going to see a big change for our inland communities. up every 80s in areas like brentwood instead of upper 90s. 85 expected for livermore tomorrow. along the east bay shoreline very comfortable. low to mid-70s in the forecast for you. into the south bay, 80 degrees
10:50 pm
san jose. 85 saratoga. for the peninsula, 79 redwood city. upper 60s in san francisco. and again remaining with cloudy conditions. 67degrees expected for half- moon bay. very confidentable weather as we get into tuesday. then notice what happens for the rest of the business week. not a lot of change. we may see just a bit of a cooling on wednesday. i don't think it'll be much. and then as we get into your bay area weekend. more of the same. mid- to upper 80s in the city. >> thanks rosemary. >> you're welcome. >> thank you. an anti discrimination group says it's happy a high school has retired a controversial mascot. it's now working on changeing
10:51 pm
the school logo. the arab mascot came about because the area is the home of date farms, traditionally found in arabia. completely forget what happened to them over the weekend. scored more runs than in the sere -- series. sam the sanford man in the first to set the tone this afternoon. and then the story stuff unfolds and that would be yesterday's acquisition adam dun. his first at-bat as an oakland a. just launches as part of r5-
10:52 pm
run first. the 461st of his career. the a's go on to sing and dance. 6-1 angels were idle. oakland 4-1/2 back. what really should have been a stupendous day for the giants turns out to be stupefying. just okay really in colorado. how many times are those guys going to walk off against the giants it seems they do it four or six times every year. but this one might come back to bite them later. could have been within a game within the dodgers. instead watch what unfolds. 9th inning, the giants blew a 7- 2 lead which begins hunter pence, three run shot. but pablo comes through with an rbi single. we have 9-9 going to the bottom of the ninth. sergio romo can't keep it even though. charlie blackman ends it with an rbi rip to right with two outs. colorado another one of those
10:53 pm
walk outs. disappointing 10-9 loss. they got rockied tonight but in the back to the future game that proceeded that mess. suspended by rain back in may it was 2-2 in the sixth. same score in the eighth. hunter pence every night this guy is in the highlight reel. he's got himself an rbi double. 3-2 giants. and travis ishikawa comes through. soft sing toll right. it will play to run bullpen does a great job. 4-2 final to get the afternoon started. meanwhile four guys throw one no hitter in atlanta. we'll explain that. and then dennis allen will explain why he's decided to go with an untested rookie quarterback to start the raiders season in new york. sports part ii next.
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from the moment the raiders drafted carr the move was coming. the shaky performances by the veteran matt schaub has brought us to this. starting a new quarterback. starting in new york derek carr it wasn't just his three
10:57 pm
touchdown performance in the final three season game against seattle that sealed it for him. >> any signs of derek carr's development from the time he stepped on field to where he is now. we've seen him grow by leaps and bounds. and he's ready to accept the responsibility. we just felt it was time to go ahead and make that move. all right when you're in dead last place. play offs nothing but a pipe dream. you're counting every day in the calendar. but the cellar dwelling phillies have a little something to cheer about today. cole hamels started and four relievers finished it a no hitter against the atlanta braves. 7-0 the final. papelbon. thank you for choosing ktvu
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channel 2 news. the ktvu morning news will have more on that breaking news. the amtrak train collides killing one. more on the morning news. good night.
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